Five Tips to Help You Stay Biologically Young

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1. The first tip to use is to make more friends. It helps to have friends that are positive and supportive of you no matter what happens in life. Having people who are not very positive as friends can easily pull you down and make you feel unhappy or uncomfortable with your life. By being friends with positive people it will be easier for you to have a better life and to stay happy and more active.

2. The second tip to use is to be active both physically and mentally. Exercise is important to help with keeping the body healthy and mental exercises like crosswords and reading exercises can be good for helping to keep the mind sharp. These activities will help to get you to feel stimulated so that it will be easier for you to be active throughout all parts of your life. When your body and mind are healthier your biological age will truly go down.

3. Avoiding dangerous habits can help you to stay young. There are many common harmful habits that can increase your biological age including smoking, drinking alcohol, being more sedentary, not getting enough sleep and binge eating. All of these activities can weaken the body and mind and as a result can cause your biological age to increase. By avoiding these habits it will be easier for you to feel young and to truly stay young.

Five Tips to lower biological age

4. Next you should avoid any unnecessary drugs. Some drugs can be medications that you may need for your daily life. Any unnecessary drugs that are not needed for your general health should be avoided so that it will be easier for you to feel better about yourself and to keep from having any side effects that can be harmful.

5. The last tip to use is to be positive in your life. It will help for you to keep from being negative in thought because negative thoughts can cause you to become depressed and stressed. These feelings can cause you to keep from feeling healthy and willing to do more things in life. By staying positive you will feel better about yourself and will be more likely to stay active and comfortable with yourself so that it will be easier for you to lower your biological age.

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